Member-organizations of project partner, Alternative Law Groups (ALG) were introduced to Hustisya Natin through back-to-back orientation and planning workshops.


After being presented with the objectives and activities of the project, representatives from legal resource nongovernment organizations and local area coordinators took part in the two main discussions in the activity.
Through the workshops, they identified the quasi-judicial bodies that will be monitored under the project. They also focused on the priority cases to be included in the monitoring.


Local area coordinators also tackled their specific roles and activities under the project, including the area budget, financial rules and guidelines, while conducting immediate planning.


Funded by the European Union, Hustisya Natin aims to reinforce civil society participation to enhance the integrity of the justice system. One of its key activities is the establishment of a national network comprised of local/regional formations of civil society organizations from 10 throughout the country with representation from the Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, as well as the National Capital Region.